Atlantic City Blackjack


In this game, the dealer stands on 17.

The dealer checks his hole card for a blackjack on a 10 or ace.

The cost of a surrender is half of your original bet, and you cannot surrender if the dealer is showing an ace.

Splitting and re-splitting is allowed, up to 3 times per game, making it possible to have as many as 4 hands at once. You can split a pair of aces; each ace then gets one card and automatically stands. Split Aces that receive 10s is not blackjack, nor is split 10 cards receiving aces.

Doubling down is allowed on any two first cards, even after a split, but you cannot double down if you have blackjack. You can take insurance if the dealer’s first card is an ace, and the bet is half your original bet.

You can draw up to 9 cards after your first two. If after 9 cards you do not have 21, you must stand and the dealer plays his hand.