Blackjack, a brief background

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table based games in the world. There is almost no one that does not know something about blackjack in almost every country in the world. Blackjack was first introduced in Europe during the eighteen hundreds and it did not take long for its popularity to spread quickly throughout Europe. Almost every casino in Europe quickly included the game as a standard offering to its enthusiastic punters.

Blackjack only became known by that particular name when it was introduced to the new colonies of North America, before that, in Europe, it was known as the game of twenty one, after the object of the game. The name of blackjack was derived after a small casino along the Mississippi river introduced a version of the game where a special bonus was offered if a player reached the number of twenty one by using a black ace of spades or clubs and a jack of clubs or spades, this gave a black combination called a blackjack.

Playing Blackjack

Playing the game of blackjack is actually really easy to do and it is in essence this simple fact that contributes much to its world wide popularity throughout the ages. It is in fact, in many instances, even more popular than another very popular table based card game, poker. One of the main reasons that blackjack is a more popular choice over poker is the ease of play that it presents. There are also a couple of online platforms that offer a free bonus that is very attractive for new players.

Blackjack is very simple, all one need to do in order to win is to simply reach the number twenty one or as close to that as possible. The way that the game works is also really very simple, there is a dealer who is also your only opponent, unlike poker. The dealer issues each player with two cards including a dealer hand, the object then is to add the cards you have been dealt together and see what the total is. If your total is lower than about fifteen you might need additional cards, in this case the phrase ‘hit’ is used to let the dealer know you need another card. If you go over twenty one you are automatically out of the running.