IGT Slots

If there is one thing to know about the gaming industry in terms of household names, IGT would be it. IGT, i.e. International Gaming Technology, began its journey with video poker machines. It has amazingly sold the most in terms of video poker machines than any other company in the business. This is an incredible achievement as video poker is one of the most widely played australian online casino games and as such has very stiff competition. While IGT have become synonymous with video poker machines both in land-based casinos and online, some people may not realize that they are big manufactures of aussie slots machines as well. This article will look at IGT slots and where they stand compared to other big slot brands.

IGT have developed a considerable number of slot machines. So much so that they could in fact be labeled as one of the leading manufacturers in slot machine entertainment. You need to remember that if you are not familiar with a specific slot machine that you can play machines like big kahuna slot games for free to learn exactly how they work. Being a big name naturally means that they offer a lot of variety from classic slots, video slots, penny slots, progressive slots and more. In particular, it was IGT that started playing around with progressive jackpots and slot machines.

Before the introduction of computerized slot machines and the Random Number Generator to the australian online casino, slots were mechanical. This meant that the size of the jackpot was dependant on how big or small the actual slot machine was. When technology evolved and slot machines with it, this was no longer a problem and IGT stepped in to see how this advancement in technology could benefit the game of slots. IGT are the proud owners of the very first progressive jackpot slot machine in history. This slot machine is the renowned Megabucks and introduced the idea of progressive jackpots to the world for the first time. Still today, Megabucks is one of the most popular progressive slots around. IGT slots are known to incorporate a variety of different themes, many of which were taken from television such as I love Lucy and Bewitched. Some of their more famous penny slot machines include Wheel of Fortune and Cleopatra II.

When it comes to playing slot machines, IGT slots is certainly one of the best. They have many years of experience and have made history with their innovative developments. From superb graphics, bonus features, progressive jackpots and more; IGT slots offer everything you could want in a slot machine.