Multi Hand Bonus Blackjack Gold

Bonus Gold Multi-hand blackjack is played with two regular decks of 52 standards playing cards. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by playing your hand to equal or closer to 21. Note that with Bonus Gold, you are allowed to play a single bet at a time; and the trick is to make sure that your card value is always higher than of the dealer without ever exceeding 21. If your card value exceeds 21, you go bust and lose the hand.

Bonus Gold Multi Hand Blackjack Special Features

Bonus Gold Multi-hand is popular among online players because of its bonus feature. You can to qualify for a bonus payout if you place a bonus side bet. The bonus payout is based on the first two cards you are dealt. You get rewarded a pay out of 50:1, if you are dealt an Ace of spades and Jack of spades. Any other Ace and Jack of the same suit will pay 25:1; and any other two cards of the same suit pays 5:2. Note that the bonus bet is not affected by the outcome of the hand. You can receive a bonus payout and still lose the hand.

Online Bonus Gold Multi Hand Blackjack

Playing the bonus bet is optional and to be eligible for the bonus reward, you must place a bet at the beginning of each hand. In addition to the bonus, you are able to double down on any two cards even after a split. You can also split a hand up to four individual bets and any cards with the value of ten can be split, not just identical cards. Note that Bonus Gold does not offer a ‘surrender’ option.