Multi Hand European Blackjack Gold

Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold is the updated version of the ever popular European Blackjack with added features for a chance to experience superior gambling with golden jackpot rewards. European Blackjack Gold is played with two decks of 52 standard cards shuffled at the start of each game. Players are allowed to bet up to two hands with each game, where winning means finishing each hand with a card value higher than dealer’s hand without going bust. Alternatively, players need to finish each hand with a card value that is equal or closer to 21 without going it. Once a player’s hand goes bust; meaning the card value is higher than 21, the hand is lost automatically. The higher hand a player can is with an Ace and a ten, called blackjack; the strongest hand and cannot be beaten but only matched.

Multi-hand European Blackjack Gold is uniquely designed with the latest casino software technology to give players the ultimate visual pleasure with futuristic blackjack tables. With a complete game guide available, players can easily learn the basics of playing blackjack online and stand a chance to win huge jackpot rewards. Since online blackjack is a game that requires a bit skill, players also have access to free online blackjack game meant to get them acquianted winning a blackjack hand.

Platinum Play Online Casino is committed to offering fun blackjack games with thrilling jackpot rewards and exciting promotions. European Blackjack Gold is an exceptional casino game guaranteeed to be enojyed by both new and experienced players. Experience unmatched online gambling blackjack pleasure in a top class online casino.