What is Online Poker?

What is poker?

That is the question that millions ask straight off because poker has exploded during the past years. Some call it gambling, but how can you do that if online poker is considered as a Sport in so many countries? Recent addition to that list is Lithuania, March 2010. Gamble is something based on pure luck but poker is not that. Poker is about studying your opposer to find tells, what moves he would make with certain cards, how would he make those moves, to what extent and so on. Poker is a game which can never be learned perfectly because the game has so many players .

What is online poker?

Online poker is something you can play from your couch. Doesn’t matter if you are making a living or just having fun . A lot of people are making a living playing online poker nowadays due to poker tournaments which have prize pools reaching into millions of dollars and you can compete with others at cash game tables . In order to play it successfully and take it as earning a living you must learn a lot, theory and practical side. How to play and what cards to play at a given situation, this is only one of the many aspects of online poker. To be successful you must read poker strategy which is widely available on the web. There are companies making a living from teaching people the correct strategies. There are individual people, coaches, who teach online poker. Ofcourse everything has a fee but in the long run it will pay off. Only the long run matters when online poker is a living for you because you’ll be playing a lot and eventually put in thousands of hours, if not tens of thousands. In online poker it doesn’t matter if you can gain a profit with 5 minutes, you have to be able to secure a decent profit after 5 hours of play. Whether it’s 5 hours a day or 5 hours a week.

What features does online poker have?

There are millions of dollars worth of promotions in online poker . Remember, there are tens of online poker rooms offering this kind of thing! Rake Races, freeroll tournaments and poker tournaments to bigger live events to name a few. Online Poker also features Rakeback. A casino commonly takes a house fee for arranging poker , Rake is what online poker rooms take in for hosting online poker. At land based casinos you can never get any of Rake back . But online poker rakebac is something very exclusive , most rooms take rake in cash games to a maximum of $3 per hand. Imagine getting back for example 30% Opoker Rakeback and you are playing many hands over time, thousands of hands . Lets say you collect $3000 of rake per month, getting 30% Rakeback means you get $1000 back! That’s a noticeable sum . You could buy a car if you save for a couple of months! Rakeback is a very important thing when playing online poker, a lot of the beginners do not know about this so people are trying to increase the accessibility of this around the world every day so others could maximize their profit with online poker rakeback.

This is only a brief overview of what online poker has to offer. Be sure to be on the look out for more wide-eyed reviews, explanations and guides!