Leading Poker Software Product Makes another Update

Holdem Indicator has been around for approximately five years now, with product sales continue to be solid. Part of that reason is the exceptional support that the Indicator programmers offer, and the speed of which they are able to adapt the poker software when a major poker site updates theirs. In fact, other 3rd party software programmers have come to the Indicator personnel for help when their own programmers have not been able to figure out new issues with either Poker Stars or Full Tilt Poker.

The software, like all Indicator products is essentially divided into two main area of information, both of which are cleverly and neatly shown in the main window. The first feature is accurately demonstrating a players pot odds when in a hand. It’s a graphic scale which decsribes the ratio of how much a player will have to call compared to the size of the pot. Then there are also win odds. This figure is certainly more abstract, but attempts to show the likeliness of your hand being the winner at the river. That is why many people also play word poker to mix it up a bit. Both of these scales combined together are fairly powerful. You can also toggle the main stats window view to see how much of a likelihood your hand has to improve to certain other hands, such as two pair, a straight, flush, or full house. The other main attribute of the software profiles your opponents for you automatically.

Holdem Indicator accumulates the data at that table, but it is up to the user to extrapolate that into usable techniques for playing against opponents. Such strategies could change drastically based on an opponent’s propensity to play a lot of hands, his betting frequencies, the position he chooses to play from, and what hands he has shown at the showdown.When you are able to use data like this and combine them into an overall profile, Holdem Indicator will add an immediate and significant advantage for you.

The designers of this poker software also know that each player has particular tendencies as to how he wants to view that data, as well as how many tables they are confident in playing simultaneously. Given that, Holdem Indicator can be manipulated to resize the standard horizontal layout to fit the poker table, or can be minimized or even adjusted to a vertical view. When you play video poker you need to remember that many of the same ideas apply as when playing multi-player poker. Each time a user opens up a new table, another window of the software will be started.

Recently the application had a major upgrade which allows for a HUD feature which overlays a users poker table. In other words the data typically shown within the main window of Holdem Indicator is now right by the opponent ON the poker felt itself. A HUD or head-up display is created so that the user does not have to take his eyes away from the table. With this new version, users can switch back and forth from the HUD or any of the other displays, even while in the middle of a hand.

The poker software is a nifty bit of programming that runs sound and steady. The developers seem to be able to keep up the tempo with Full Tilt and Poker Stars whenever they make an update. Holdem Indicator will put you back about eighty bucks and there are some free strategy videos to watch for using the poker calculator software.